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Bachelors Degree
in MIS/CIS Equivalent

Various Institutions: CIS Courses and Experience

• I've attended several MIS/CIS college/trade courses with a GPA or 3.86.

• My extensive experience is equivalent to a BS in MIS/CIS.

• Please contact me for details.

Corporate Education at
Information Builders HQ


IBI Summit: Attended Eleven Annual Conferences

• Accredited in WebFOCUS Designer in 2021. • I attended Summit as an Independent Consultant, at my own expense,  while  representing myself, IBI, and other companies. • Summit provides the best of everything needed to ensure the success of consultants, like myself, and the clients that we serve. • I have attended Summit on-site eleven times, and the virtual Summits when available, and will continue even if I need to pay my own way.  I have been with companies who found the value such that they paid my way.

2005: WebFOCUS Bootcamp

• On-site at IBI Headquarters in NYC

• This was a great training experience. I paid my fair share to attend (T,R&B). This was a two-week training seminar on what I called "Everything you need to know about WebFOCUS" with an extensive prerequisite which included the creation of an entire application. The final exam consisted of the creation of another, extensive, application.  • I graduated 'Top of the Class' and helped several others to succeed or not drop-out. • This led to a great start of my 'WebFOCUS Only' career, starting with Fidelity Investments / Bank of America.

1984: WebFOCUS Top Gun Training

• On-site at IBI Headquarters in NYC

• This was a series of training sessions that taught all the points of FOCUS, the Core Language/precursor to WebFOCUS. • I attended these sessions while creating the Information Resource Management System (IRMS) for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Grumman Aerospace / Data Systems. I was the sole creator of IRMS. • Also attended several other course at IBI Headquarters in NYC.

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