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Some Highlights

♦ WebFOCUS 8: I started using WebFOCUS 8 when we converted from WebFOCUS 7 around 2015 while I was a Sr. WebFOCUS Programmer/Analyst at Dollar General and continued with higher versions till the end of my previous contract. • Provided Tier One support to the Developer and User communities and strong customer relationship management including production monitoring, creative problem solving, and proactive communications. • Created technical specification documentation based on the user requirements to ensure for complete accuracy and functionality of the user’s requirements. • Created charts, reports, portals and other items as per user requests.

♦ SQL: Reviewed SQL code for use as source files ensuring that all fields are properly defined for the requirements. • Reviewed SQL code to ensure reporting efficiency. • Created WebFOCUS synonyms for SQL Passthru procedures. ♦ Stored Procedures- 3 Responsibilities • Similar functions as described in the ‘SQL’ section above. • Ensured that these SPs contain the required parameters and return the vales as per the user’s requirements. • Created associated data dictionaries as needed.

♦ WebFOCUS Security: Ensured that the users had the access they required. • Added users as per their requirements. • Created and security reports and added to Admin portals and schedules.

♦ GUI - Analysed requirements and Created reports using InfoAssist and the App Studio ‘painter’. • Created web pages and portals using WebFOCUS Designer the HTML GUI/painter.

♦ Business Flow and Systems Data Analysis/Analytics - Analysed requirements and Created Technical Specification Documentation (TSD) according to SDLC requirements. • Created flow charts using Visio for associated requirements. ♦ UML Diagram (Unified Modeling Language): Reviewed the user requirements with the users. • Created easy to understand flow charts based on the user requirements. • Delivered the UML flow charts with the technical team to ensure complete understanding and alignment to the user’s requirements.

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