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KGPCo at CenturyLink
Oct 2017 ~ Jul 2019

Senior WebFOCUS / BI Consultant, C/O: ComSource Consulting

Two-month contract, extended to Twenty-Two Months

♦ My responsibilities included assisting the Information Technology Team and Business Intelligence Users in completing tasks, including the creation of reports, charts, and portals for various client projects as requested by the client.

• Mentored IT personnel and Business Developers in all aspects of WebFOCUS functionalities including InfoAssist, App Studio, Content and Portal creation, and more.


• Created and supported business users with, advanced charts and reports with drill-downs.


• Created and supported the BI Initiative with several new WebFOCUS portals and many new charts and reports.


• Worked as part of the IT Team on Security and ETL / DataMigrator processes.


• Went Head-to-Head with Tableau to ensure that WebFOCUS could do everything that was done with Tableau.


♦ WebFOCUS Exceeded that which was done in Tableau, proving once again that

"I can do that in WebFOCUS!"

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