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I am NOT available... It's been a Pleasent Journey!
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   But, I don't do
that any Longer.

My Summary

I've been providing custom MIS and BI-Rich Solutions for over forty years to more than two dozen clients in various industries using the latest or current releases of WebFOCUS and associated technologies.

I enjoy the satisfaction that my clients have with the solutions I provide to them, a well-balanced combination of their requirements and my expertise using all the functionality provided in the WebFOCUS Suite, from Information Builders / TIBCO, and all associated technologies to ensure their success.

However, Forty-One years of BI Development, using The Great FOCUS / WebFOCUS is enough for me.

I am enjoying the Best Independence Day Ever...  I retired as of Independence Day 2024.  


I have concentrated my career on the FOCUS / WebFOCUS platforms to ensure successful design, development, and implementation of all BI Rich Applications. My BI / FOCUS career started when I was the sole Applications Developer of IRMS, the Information Resource Management System, while at Northrop/Grumman Aerospace Corporation.  


IRMS was developed at the request of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) in record time and significantly under budget.


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