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FIS Global / Worldpay

Mar 2020 ~ Sep 2022

WebFOCUS Developer, Admin / Developer Support

• This Three-Month contract was extended several times for a total of Two and a Half Years.

• Environment: WebFOCUS 8206 / 8207, App Studio, InfoAssist, Reports, Charts, Portals, Security, and more.

♦ Provide Tier One support to the Developer and User communities and strong customer relationship management including production monitoring, creative problem solving, and proactive communications.


♦ Responsible for all Change Management promotions thru the environments including post-deployment support, problem management, service call resolution, proactive support, and troubleshooting as it relates to WebFOCUS coding and access.


♦ Provide administrative support for several ongoing tasks including fulfilment of access requests, resolving access issues, Change Management promotion requests.


♦ Created several chart, report, and portals for Admin support, Developer and User communities.


♦ Analyzed SQL Code to be used in the creation of reports and charts.


♦ Created 95% of an Automated Change Management Interface (ACMI).  This was put on hold until new security enhancements are complete which, among other things, eliminates the use of NAS Drive to store the change packages.


♦ Worked closely with the Tableau team to ensure complete interconnectivity to WebFOCUS.

♦ Converted a complete Business Objects application to WebFOCUS as part of a talented team.

♦ Accredited in WebFOCUS Designer 8206 and supported developers using it as the FIS SME for Designer.

♦ I enjoy working as a member of a team and effectively working with different technical teams to pull together a unified approach to managing WebFOCUS.

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